A Big Brother

—–for Dr. Lagerman

I have a plethora of brothers.

And they are all intelligent, talented, funny and wonderful young men. 

But as I was growing up, I often wished  for just one more – a big brother.  Someone who could keep the rest of them in line, when they wouldn’t listen.  An older brother (I assured myself) wouldn’t tattle or tease.  He would let me hang out, shoulder some responsibility, sneak me into R rated movies, introduce me to his cool friends and tell me which boys to avoid.  He would encourage me to be a little less serious and a little more daring. When I was wrong, he would still take my part.  And when my heart was broken, he would volunteer to go beat the crap out of the idiot boy who according to him wasn’t good enough for me anyway.

It’s remarkable and wondrous how individuals come into our lives and fill a forgotten, unarticulated void.  They strangely appear from nowhere in the most unexpected place but at exactly the right time. (It helps to restore my faith in the random, chaotic, unfathomable nature of the universe.) You gain so much from simply knowing them, learning from their example, character and values. (And that’s all in addition to the fun.) Suddenly you don’t remember what you were like before you knew them.  But you do know how much they make the day to day better.


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