Caddisfly Larva

The caddisfly larva (order trichoptera) are aquatic insects who for protection use their own glue to attach sand, silk, small rocks and shells to themselves.  When predators (mainly fish) approach, they duck under and hide.  As they grow and develop, they drag the covering along with them.

On Friday afternoon, instead of working through, I rode my bike over to the Audubon Nature Center and went for a walk with my sister, brother and three young nephews who were visiting for a short time.

I appreciated the excuse, to go outside, to learn something new and different (saw a caddisfly larvae), and to simply be somewhere in which I wasn’t behind, or deficient.

Even though I was in company, it felt like a meditation. One of the first things I nixed from my routine (once the test requiring it ended) was meditating.  I don’t do it very well but I’ve found (much to my surprise) that I miss it.  I wish there was a class (so I could get better)  and that it was part of my black belt test requirements (justification).

I hope to go again.  Scrape off, for a moment the weight of my own protective covering.

Bird List:  4/23/2010:  Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Black Capped Chicadee, American Goldfinch, Brown Headed Cowbird, Downey Woodpecker


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