One Head Light

One Head Light by the Wallflowers listen here.

I’ve been reading an unhealthy amount of suicide stories in combination with the work I’m doing on bully management.

I can’t help but wonder what gives them the oomph, the push, the impetus to actually do it when on the other hand they don’t have the same sort of driving force to stop the bullying or break away from whatever is hurting them.

I suppose it is either fear or anger or both.

Every time I’ve heard this song recently, I’ve imagined it being played at my funeral.  It’s a little warped but probably not that unusual.  By the end though I always feel a little bit better (even if by better that means a little silly for being such a over imaginative excessive runaway drama queen – it’s still better).

I’ll stay open to those things that make cry and laugh at once because they ease the fear and mitigate the anger.


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