Brick Breaking

There seems to be a slight misunderstanding.

You see, it was supposed to be automatic.  The black belt goes on and you are magically infused with all the qualities and characteristics you think of when you imagine a martial artist.  And then, of course, everything is easier and better.

But instead, there’s still those seemingly insurmountable brick walls around every corner, in all aspects of everyday.  Doubt and cynicism are the mortar.  Stop. This is as far as you go.  It was wonderful while it lasted.  You should be very proud of yourself.  Look at how much you accomplished.  Time to move on to something else or go back to how things were.

And then you have to decide.

Because being a martial artist is about more than a belt.  It’s about breaking through those bricks.  It’s about continuing to give even when you don’t feel anything coming back.  It’s about practicing a form you’ve done 10,000 times because there is always something that could be better.  It’s about accepting and honoring other students paths which are not the same as yours.  It’s about how you approach today and all the tomorrow’s.

At a class last week our Grand Master summed it up succinctly.  It’s about love.


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