Passing Notes

The little girl ran up to me as soon as she walked into the dojang.

“I got your card.”  She said with excitement.  “It came in the mail!”

I am all for all types of communication.  The more ways there are for people to reach out to each other the more likely it will happen.

But there is nothing quite like getting a letter.

When someone sits down, thinks about you and how you are and wants to share a little of themselves – it’s a gift.

All of our emails, texts, posts and status updates are faster, less expensive, reach individuals all around the world and keep us more aware of others on a day-to-day basis.   It’s all positive.  But when the missive comes in someone’s unique script, it’s like holding a small piece of that person in your hand and no matter the message, it shows care.

And that’s a treasure.



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