Leave Your Lights Up!

By the time I left the dojang last night, it was not merely cold, but cold and dark. It was not the ‘oh, it’s winter’ type cold but a brittle bitter biting chill that makes you feel as if with every movement you might shatter.  And the darkness was black – no moon, no stars, no discernible light emanating from anywhere until I started up the car.

My mood went from okay to dismal.  The streets were empty.  Houses closed. All the songs on the radio were sad. But as I rounded a corner, up ahead I saw some lights.

I thought to myself “Wow, they still have their holiday lights up.” And I scoffed at first.  The holidays are over.  Time to return to reality.  But as I drove closer, I felt the brightness and the sparkle and the joy.

So thank you, and please don’t rush to turn off or take down your decorations.

They’re keeping me warm.


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