An Answer to All Problems

“What do you need to do to get better?”

It’s a question we put to our students as we prepare them for testing to advance to the next rank.  But I believe it applies to all of us, in so many aspects of our lives.

What do you need to do to get better?


And practice.

And then practice some more.

You practice how you want to be, how you would want to perform – on stage in front of a sold out crowd, in that million dollar job interview, when (heaven forbid) you need to defend yourself or someone else from a real threat, when 300,000 people decide today is the day they are going to check out the post on your blog, and when you meet that one person with whom your relationship is going to transcend the boundaries of time and space.

When we remember to think about and explore who and how we want to be and practice doing and being we see improvement.  Maybe not as quickly as we would like (patience needs to be practiced as well), and nothing is ever perfect (which would be boring) but it will get better.

And once you are in that better place, you keep right on practicing.

The betterment will only continue.




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