Soft Slow Kisses (Only an Hour to Live)

Today’s posting brought to you with much help from the creators of ibuprofen and strong black coffee with thanks for the bonus topic.

No regrets.

That is my goal, not realized.  So, if today was the day I discovered there was only an hour left – it would be a frantic, hurried, ridiculous scrambling of messages and things unfinished.  I would spend much of that hour just being with and listening to my children.

But if it was only me . . .

If it was only me, I would want to hold on and be held by someone I cherished and who, in return, cherished me.  I am playing pretend so fortunately this is not my last hour. There is still the hope, I may someday recapture sentiment.  Because in those last moments, I would want the embrace that brings back the first;  the first smile, the wink, the laugh, the conversation, the touch and the achingly soft, slow kisses which promise forever.


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