this is only a TEST

My mother, on those crazy days managing the seven of us siblings when we were little, could often be heard to sigh heavily and say out loud but to herself,

“God is testing me.”

Tests bring to mind something negative involving grading and judgment and the idea that you may not be good enough.  They fill our adult students (myself included) with trepidation and anxiety.

We want them to take it seriously.  We want them to be challenged.  We want them to feel good about themselves while understanding there is never perfection and still so much left to learn.

Maybe sometimes we need that push outside of our comfort zones to encourage us to perform our best.

I administered a test last night.  Special circumstances allowed for an individual testing (our martial arts belt promotion exams are usually with a group).  The student performed admirably but the best thing about it was how much I learned about the needs of that individual and what I could do to help.


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