Pinched Nerves

I turned my head the wrong way.

Someone asked me a question, I went to look and felt that sharp pin poke at the base of my neck towards the right shoulder.

There’s always something.  (For as often as this theme seems to come up – I could rename the blog.)

Work is work. Friends are fair weather. Children demanding. Writing blocked.  Spouses and lovers expecting.  Gravity sucking us down into the center of the earth.

And every time you turn your head there’s another twinge.

Part of my martial arts journey is learning to better cope, stay positive, realize this too will pass and focus on the good.

What are you doing for you? If the answer is nothing – you need to find something.  It doesn’t need to be enormous.  For myself, it’s taking two classes a week and writing this blog. (And if you want a recommendation, I will tell you as I tell everyone: Find your Martial Art.)

I am sometimes accused of being selfish with my time.  When you work and play at the same place – it is hard for others to differentiate expenditures.  But in the end, those small things we do for ourselves help keep us level and above ground.

Pinched nerve notwithstanding, I took class.  We worked on forms – I had no idea how many times you need to turn your head.  I felt every one.

But today will be better.


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