Beginning (An Act of Courage)

It’s very loud.  There are groups of people talking and stretching who all seem to know each other.  You don’t know exactly where to go or be.  The stiffness of a new uniform makes movement awkward and there’s this white belt which seems ridiculously complicated to tie.  What ever possessed you to sign up for this? The class prior is finishing up with a flourish of back and forth kicks which appear impossible to execute.  You look at the clock and at the door.

I am fortunate to witness acts of courage every day with each new student who comes to our academy.  The children are always wonderful but are accustomed to newness.  Adults don’t frequent experiences outside of their comfortable routines.  Something suggests, pulls, and compels them to start but it can be scary.  As is any beginning.

When we consider acts of courage, often large heroic events are brought to mind, but for me it’s the everyday engine turning – you get out of bed, you smile when you are sad, you introduce yourself, you take a new class.



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