Back Kicks

Do you still want to do this job?


Yes, of course. It’s an attitude adjustment question. And I will allow that occasionally I am contrary.  There are going to be requirements in every job that are not our favorite things, but need to be done.  There are co workers who irritate and customers you may not like. Days in which you are pulled in a dozen directions and nothing is accomplished.  It doesn’t matter where you work – it’s yin and yang.  The good and the bad circle round each other in an endless balancing act.

You take a deep breath  Check what you can off your priority list, readjust and add more for the next day.  But if you are never realizing the good, take a step back and look forward.  Maybe it is time for a change.

I am fortunate that I am a daily witness to the good.  (Even though it may take me a day or two to process.)  Seemingly small actions can combine together to produce overwhelming effects.  How we approach those nagging “to do’s” sets the tone for the day.

My instructor noticed this week that my back kick was off.  I’m not completing the re-chamber before I land it.

I could be frustrated and angry that I’ve been working on this kick for four years and it still eludes me.  I could decide never to do it again.

Or I could listen, allow for learning, try again and give my best.


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