Victories (Monday’s Minute of Meditation)

Thank you to Mr. Patterson and his blog at Striking Thoughts for this link to an article on research showing how meditation changes brain structure. You can read the story at Science Daily.

I am still skeptical.  But I keep trying. Although you are part of a class, the study of martial arts is often solitary.  I like the idea that meditation helps keep us open to those connections we might otherwise miss.

There will be celebrating in my town this morning: high fives over cubicle walls, pats on the back in the break room, strangers making conversation on elevators, and Super Bowl party plans put in motion.

There is something attractive in that communal feeling of victory, that coming together and being a part of something large.  Celebration is permitted.  It’s much harder to rejoice about individual victories.  Not so many people care or want to hear about it.

Think about something good you’ve done.  The time frame’s flexible and size immaterial.

Congratulate yourself.

And count that as another victory.


One thought on “Victories (Monday’s Minute of Meditation)

  1. How true, we so readily suppress our personal achievements to avoid seeming egotistical. Yet it is so important to acknowledge and celebrate our efforts and growth to keep us motivated to continue the journey. One good way I have found to do this is to keep a “walk the talk” diary. If there is a belief I am trying to enact, or a goal I am trying to achieve, I write every day in the diary about actions I am taking, or steps I have made to get there. This way I can acknowledge and celebrate my victories with the person to whom they matter most – me. It is also surprising when you take time to reflect, just how much you do actually achieve in one day!

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