An alien invader with hostile intentions broke into my house last night, discovered me sleeping and unaware, burrowed through an open orifice to the soft matter inside my skull, where it has continued to feed and build itself a home.  The pushing and pounding awakened me well before dawn.  He is distributing nausea with every turn. I am finding it difficult to maintain sight.

Being merciless, I have fought back with no less than three ibuprofen and a cup of very strong coffee. I pray that these counter measures take effect before I am forced to drill a hole in the side of my head to relieve the pressure.

Can you imagine the surprise on the playground, waiting for the morning bell to ring, should my head  spontaneously explode?


One thought on “Headache

  1. I’m *so* glad you thought of the coffee–that’s my go-to remedy. I hope the headache subsides soon. Death to alien invaders!

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