Top Down

I started at the beginning.

It may have been better to begin at the end.

The week following a testing cycle we work on new forms. (Series of movements defending from an imaginary attacker)  I began with the first form (white belts) and worked my way up the ranks, peeling off groups as we went along to work individually on their curriculum.

The beginners caught on to the moves quickly, but were nervous and uncertain practicing alone.  I ended up doing a considerable amount of jumping from group to group. It disturbed the flow of the class.

I asked how to make it better and was told to try starting with the highest form and work down.  When the forms are new, give everyone a piece to work on together. Set the higher belts apart first.  They will have an easier time working independently.

It is counter intuitive. I like things to follow nice orderly steps.  But sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the picture as a whole.  Maybe the path we are on isn’t the straight line it appears to be.



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