Wildfire Forms

I was working forms but the children were dancing.

They were all new white belts and we were practicing the first eight moves of Basic One, a series of low blocks, walking stances, middle punches and turns.

It may have been their youth, excitement over the impending blizzard, the lateness of the hour, the phase of the moon or simply the fact that it was Monday, but they could not keep their feet still.

So we changed it up.  Form.  Running.  Form.  Push ups.  Form.  Super fast arm circles.

And it mostly worked.  By the end, they learned the general pattern of the form, had fun, and released a good portion of that excess energy.

I was sorely tempted throughout the class to call a dance break but we didn’t have music and the song sadly stuck in my head was Wildfire by Michael Murphy. (I don’t know why.) It’s not a good dancing song.  But I felt compelled to try it with my forms when I was home, if only to excise the melody from my brain. It almost works with Basic One if you allow for dramatic pauses and was the source of much laughter.

A link to the song is below.  Click with caution – it’s from the 70’s.  But I’d rather it was stuck in your head than mine.




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