By Committee

I know this friend of a friend of my cousin’s neighbor’s uncle, running a business out of his garage, who’s into this sort of stuff.  They could help with this.


Not a control freak.

Simply prefer things to be done properly.

The best way to ensure that happens, is to do it myself.

But the project is too large to be handled by one person, unless that was the only thing they had going. And it’s understandable that everyone wants to be a part of something, to contribute.  I want that too.  We all have ideas, thoughts and feelings waiting to be unleashed.

There will be parts of the project that I will do myself.  But for me the important things will be the ones I let go.

Practice patience.  Listen.  Delegate.  Encourage.  Allow for help.  Express gratitude.

It will make me a better instructor, leader and maybe just a little more likable.


2 thoughts on “By Committee

  1. oh yes. your second last line should be printed up and given to every person who leads or manages people.

  2. I read this post days ago, but I just had to let you know that it has stuck in my mind ever since. It has really got me thinking about how I work as well, and how I may appear to others in my workplace. Congratulations again on a wonderful, thought-provoking post!

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