A Great Big Musical Number

Watching the sun come up over the lake (Can’t actually see the water as I’m eight blocks away and the neighborhood impedes my view, but I know it’s there).  Nature putting on quite the show.  Dramatic clouds. Red, yellow, orange, pink and blue hues layering, mixing and providing a cinematic back drop for the old houses and still sleeping trees.

Have a feverish coughing child, so the day isn’t going to go as planned.

Regroup.  Deep breath.  Heartfelt sigh.

Imagine a beat.

Turns into a rhythm.

Man walking his dog, pauses, gives a small salute of a wave and then executes a perfect box step.

Add some strings.  And horns.

Runners link arms and grapevine past.  Garbage man does a flip off the back of the truck.

Music swells.

Neighbors exit their homes en-mass twirling all the way to their cars.  Cyclists ride by on one tire.  Children run to the school, multicolored winter scarves held above their heads, flying with the wind.

Tuesday’s should always start with a musical number.

Tuesday Morning by the Pogues


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