A small band of miniature white belts, encouraged by some slightly older purple belts, armed with long foam noodles, invaded the Sabonim’s office and laid waste to everything in sight.  The space and the children were all out of proportion, so they could reach the breakables and files and electronics.

The parents watched as if to say “Isn’t that cute”.

Arriving too late, I surveyed the disaster with horror. Shouted stop. Removed the weaponry.  Lectured on how a martial artist behaves.

Sabonim arrived, looking stern, as if to say “How could you let this happen?”  Children made to apologize.  Crying.  Parents then complaining I was too harsh. Morphed into a group treatise on all my personal failings.

It was then I awoke.

Perhaps I need to take a day off.


One thought on “Nightmare

  1. Very interesting! If you would humour me with a really rough interpretation – Dream alchemists would say that the miniature white belts in your dream actually represent parts of yourself that are causing destruction or sabotage and disappointment. You can ask yourself “what are the 3 words you would use to describe the miniature white belts”. It is these aspects of yourself that are acting out. The even more interesting question to ask then is why are these parts of yourself sabotaging something you hold so sacred? A lovely solution is offered in the dream – maybe you are being too harsh on these aspects of you – maybe you need to be more tender, more nurturing to them? The parents that are telling of your failings show an opportunity – to draw on other resources (internal and external) to help you get better at nurturing and and protecting these parts of yourself. They seem to have alot of ideas ready at hand! Jane Teresa Anderson is a great resource to open up further insights in your dreams –!

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