Breaking (Monday’s Minute of Meditation)

Can’t tell if meditation is working, so why keep trying?

Patience is not one of my strongest characteristics.

But sometimes the practice and effort put into an activity, is more important than the end result.

So, I take a deep breath…

We break boards as a metaphor for life.  It is the strength needed to move forward and past whatever is holding us back.  It is about goals, growth, perseverance and change.

Some breaks are easy.  Like you were gliding through water.  Others hurt.  We make multiple attempts.  Bruise and break things.  Heal up and then try again. Until we get it right.

Don’t recommend breaking things outside of class, so you need to imagine your board or brick.  Think about the energy it would take to move your palm through it.  (Feet and elbows work as well.)


When you hit it – don’t hold back.  Give it everything. Power scream.

And then let go.

Start looking forward to the next break.




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