1000 Middle Punches

Arrived at work in a sorry sad state.

So instead of working through lunch, I worked out.  And although I know from experience it will make me feel better, I am still surprised when it kicks in.

Punched and round-housed the Wavemaster until I was out of breath.  Ran through forms from top to bottom.  Empowered and liberated I was able to return to admin and later teaching in a much improved frame of mind.

But more fun was when the younger boys asked what happened to my hands.

“1000 middle punches on the bag.” I answered solemnly.

“That’s a lot.” One replied, duly impressed.  The other was more matter of fact, “Well, she is a black belt.”

Smiled.  Sometimes it is good to be reminded.


2 thoughts on “1000 Middle Punches

  1. Isn’t it amazing how one small comment like that can improve everything? Great story – good pic for one of your top three.


  2. […] 1000 Middle Punches […]

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