Self Defense

Ran a self defense workshop this afternoon for a group of teenage girls.

The girls were upbeat but uncertain.  I was encouraging.

Passed along fundamentals:  Self defense is exercise. Self defense is stretching.   Self defense is eating sensibly.  Self defense is being confident.  Self defense is understanding your surroundings. Self defense is making sure someone knows where you are and who you are with.   Self defense is the belief that you can do something.

They were more enthused about the knee strikes, punches and blocks.  But hopefully, they took something home with them.

I looked around the room thinking that one out of four will be sexually assaulted in college.  One out of eight will be raped.  ( It is sad to realize that in the United States, every nine seconds a woman is assaulted. ( Some one you know has or will encounter domestic violence.  And it is more likely that they will not speak of it to anyone.

I wished we lived in a world in which we didn’t need self defense workshops.

But until that day, I want them all to find their martial art.  And practice those knee strikes.


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