My Sabonim stopped by me between line drills with an inquiry.

Where are you deficient?

Now, he was talking about curriculum.

This, however, was what popped into my brain:

Sunshine. Sleep. Classes. Reading. Writing. Practice. Prioritizing. Push ups. Vegetables. Calcium. Meditations. Laundry. Filing. Coffee. Invitations. Referrals. Technology. Facebook. Patience. Parties. Bike riding. Bird watching. Dancing. Poetry. Walking. Warmth. Friendships. Love. Time. Hope.

And I feel as if I need more ridiculously high heels that I have no place to wear.

But again, he was speaking of curriculum.  And my curriculum is good – needs polish and practice of course (constant never ending improvement) but otherwise I am as confident as it is in my nature to be.  So I shook those scattered thoughts from my head, and replied “Nowhere, Sir.”

The other answers pestered throughout the day.  It was a good question.

Will keep working on all aspects.  The best part of our martial arts curriculum is that it includes all those things which are not a part of our curriculum.


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