It’s a New Day

Laid down last night in a veritable dither, which involves more tissues than a non qualified dither but less alcohol than dither in all caps or with added exclamatory punctuation.

Awoke at 3am, stayed undercover, debating with myself on the topic of today’s post.

‘A Black Hole’ or ‘A New Day’

By the time I had decided, the sun had come all the way up, shining through the snowflakes, not permitting any time for writing.

So instead of putting it on paper, tried putting it into practice, not perfectly by any means, but with a little less cynicism and a little more hope.

And when my day and thoughts darkened, I side stepped the consuming hole, not with any sort of finesse or grace, but at least with an awareness of the choice.

I don’t know when the tomorrow’s will get easier, but fortunately for me and all of us, every day is new.


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