Sparring (Just Get in the Ring)

I think, maybe, I’ll watch.

You hear it from all age level students, children and adults.

It’s intimidating. The pads and guards and helmet shout out, I’m ready for this, but inside you are thinking, that other person is about to kick me.  Not merely directed at me but contacting with considerable force.

We encourage, as it is a required element of our curriculum.

How do you stand? Rate your stamina.  Take a hit and hit someone back.  It is different from the air kicks or even target practice.  People move.  What are you thinking about?  What should you be thinking about?

Keep your hands up!

All of these things can be guessed at from the outside, but won’t be known until experienced.

You’ll be surprised.  The most difficult part is getting into the ring.


One thought on “Sparring (Just Get in the Ring)

  1. excellent post – very true about the most difficult part.

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