“When does it end?”  the little girl asks.

“What do you mean?” I counter.

“The classes.  When do we stop coming here?” she replies.

All of five years old, she is happy to be at our school, but still she is planning, accustomed to brief recreation department programs and seasonal sports.

“Never.” I say.

“You mean always?” she questions, eyes wide.

“Yes.  There is always more to learn. Now, you might have to take a break when you go to college, or if you move far away we would help you find a new school.  But no matter what you are always a martial artist.” I explain.

“Yes, Ma’am.” she responds, her mind whirling and re-categorizing.

And that is one of the many wonderful things about the study and practice of a martial art – it is not merely a class, but a way to be.


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