Move, Please, Move! (Monday’s Minute of Meditation

Meditation should encourage, inspire, invigorate.  It may not happen all at once, but if you keep coming back, you’ll notice the difference. The thoughts which intrude may not always be pleasant.  Listen.  Move past.

She came into the theater in a powered wheel chair. Alone. Moved from chair to seat with considerable difficulty, breathing labored.  Probably facing a myriad of  health issues but the most obvious was weight.

It is hard to look.  Hard to know what to do or what to say to offer relief, motivation, or hope.

They stopped the film.  She left the theater on a stretcher.  Disturbing on many levels.  A warning to all of us.

You never know what physical challenges will be on your path. But if you are already moving, they will be that much easier to deal with.


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