Form (Monday’s Minute of Meditation)

Form has many meanings.  At our dojang, it is the word used to describe a series of movements used in defense of an imaginary attacker.  At every belt level you learn a new pattern, while continuing to practice the old.

They are a meditation in and of themselves.  You have to breathe.  Focus. Be present in the moment. Otherwise, you will forget the order, the stance or strike.  A physical and mental exercise, they improve concentration and memory while building strength.

As part of my meditation some mornings, I choose a form to practice in my head.  Think about each individual move and breath.

Close your eyes and think of something you do now almost automatically, without thinking.  The morning walk/run, (with or without pet), the drive to the office, the drop off at child’s school, the path from your car to your cubicle, or pushing the cart up and down the grocery isles.

Think then, about how you breathe, the things you see, the things you may have missed.  And then about how you will look at them tomorrow.


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