The Second Grade Sophist: An Initial Colloquy

While walking.

Sophist.  If the world was like Star Wars would you be a Sith Lord or a Jedi?
Mom. A Jedi.
Sophist.  But the Jedi aren’t as powerful as the Sith.
Mom. No. The Jedi are more powerful.
Sophist. Maybe they have the same power but the Jedi are still less because they do not use their powers.
Mom.  Sometimes it is harder and better not to use it.
Sophist. What if they want to make things good for everyone?
Mom.  It is hard to know what is best.  People want different things.
Sophist.  It would be better if everyone was the same. That would be more fair. And if just one good person was the ruler he could make it that way.
Mom.  Not too many people are that good.  Besides people like to make their own choices. Or at least contribute to the choice – like when they vote.  Do you want someone to decide everything for you?
Sophist.  I want to be the one making the rules.
Mom.  What if other people want that job?
Sophist.  (happily) Then we’ll have to duel.
Mom. Right. Star Wars.

There is a break as we enter the building and climb the stairs.

Sophist.  Mom?
Mom. Yes, my padawan.
Sophist.  Why is everything based on strips of green paper?
Mom. You mean money?
Sophist. Yeah.
Mom.  Let’s save economic theory for the next walk… I might need to study.


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