Was looking for inspiration, a little bit of hope and a topic to write about. Came across something I wrote when I began my job.

 I was reminded why I started to journal, and why I keep at it.

And I may print out a copy, so when the day doesn’t go right, I can remember…


I guard myself.  Try not to go that far.  Avoid the fall by staying well clear of the summit and in (what is finally starting to feel like the distant past) some cases dodge the climb all together.

But then, I missed the view.  And it’s indescribable. If the feeling lasts only for this moment, it is still worth suffering through the adverse weather, the rocks in my shoes, the thin air and the weight of the overloaded back pack.

Tomorrow, I start at the base of the next mountain.  Through the haze and clouds, I can see there is a whole range, just behind that one, waiting and calling out to be explored. And I know it won’t be any less work, than the last trek


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