Pace or Push

Do you ever hear those voices? – They seem to pick alternate ears for their hushed arguments.

Pace:  She’s not young.

Push:  She felt younger doing more.

Pace:   Jumping, running, twisting and sometimes even bending make her knees ache and swell.

Push:  They won’t get any stronger doing nothing.  And the rest of her is suffering from lack of activity.

Pace:  She doesn’t want to be injured. She almost vomited on the mat the last time.

Push:  Almost, but didn’t. There are so many things she did not believe she could do, that she was afraid of,  before starting classes, which she discovered (happily and proudly) that she could.  But now she’s backtracking.  Look at the brick.  Fear is keeping her from something she wants.  She has to push past it.

Pace:  There’s no hurry.  No time limit.  It’s all about the journey.

Push:  Come on, honestly, she’s not an adept goal setter.  Set testing as her goal for June – but still missed class (with plenty of reasons and justifications) and added nothing to her training (with plenty of reasons and justifications).  Through the color belts, with a training partner, she pushed to keep up.  It was fun, she wanted to contribute and didn’t want to fall behind. Since black belt – she’s been on her own, adrift.

Pace:  It’s about finding balance.  There is truth on both sides.  We are not mutually exclusive but necessary parts of a whole.

Push:  Needs to find a way to do both independently.  But perhaps her nature requires a little more push.


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