Happiness is a well placed elbow strike.

Doing an elbow strike on the wavemaster (heavy bag) this afternoon, I rattled the right side of my brain. Literally.  It reverberated back and forth, until finally settling in its spot.  Dizzy and a little nauseous, I fleetingly wondered if I should sit down.

I kept going because I like elbow strikes. It’s my favorite offensive move.  The one I would go to should I ever have that close encounter.

I kept going because I like being part of a class. Fellow students encourage, challenge and support.  There exists in our academy a unique blend of cooperation and competition.

I kept going because I like positive feedback.  There is nothing better than a compliment from the instructor. Just as appreciated are cheers from fellow students. But the most elusive is the compliment I give myself.  I can do this round, hop round, reverse round, back swing, jump round kicking combine exercise. Every time I discover something I can do.

At the end of class our Sabonim spoke to us about finding happiness.  Not merely at the dojang, but everywhere. Over the past five months, I had stopped considering happiness.  Activities were being measured by whether or not they were worth the punishment.

I even stopped writing last August, though I missed it every day.  But tonight I feel as if I jogged something in my brain that rerouted those impaired thought processes.

And I am reconsidering happiness.


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