Monday’s Moment of Meditation: Make Some Noise

Sit down.  Cris-cross your legs.  Close your eyes. Take a nice deep breath in.  Let it out slowly.

At the birthday party I ran on Saturday, I began by moving the group of twenty 5 and 6 year old’s around the room, setting the tone for following directions.  Up on their tip toes, they move as quietly as they can across the floor.  We discuss where we are quiet: the library, school, when mom or dad is on the phone, early in the morning…etc.

Then we go back across as loud as we can with a sustained yell that reverberates through the dojang even after our voices stop.  We talk about where we can be loud:  the playground, basements, outside, gym (when the teacher is not talking), when we keop, if we need help…etc.

And I thought to myself as an adult, the places in which it is appropriate to be loud are few.

But I think it is just as necessary as those moments of quiet.

Let some of the stress out.  See how well you are can control that breath.  Be confident. Turn up the music and sing along.  Make it fun.


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