Making It My Own

Running. Sparring. Kicking. Punching.

All the forms.  Ho Shin Sul (Self Defense). Ground defense. Hand techniques. Offensive and Defensive movements in Korean.

A practiced break turned into a surprise break.

These are only some of the things asked of us over our two day rank promotion test.  It is at the same time, exhilarating and challenging, stressful and fun.

But we are encouraged to do something to make the test more meaningful.  So I challenged myself to a meditation and writing project: Three months of exercising, meditating and writing every day.  Started small and built up momentum.  I was a little surprised the writing came out as poetry, but went with it.  Did not miss a day.  Pleased with the outcome:

On the Way to Ei Dan BoEven happier that the meditation and writing are no longer an obligation.  They are simply part of my routine.

Click here to purchase: On the Way to Ei Dan Bo   Link for   All author proceeds go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


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