Entering the class room
ready to teach
but find the lecture hall
all wrong for my program.
There is no room to interact
with cramped seats rising
in a semicircle
around a small podium.
Eyelids fluttering shut.
I lift them with difficulty,
resolving to make
the best of it.
I begin past start time
although students
come and go,
disrupting and distracting.
I lose my place
in a speech given a hundred times.
I can no longer open my eyes.
Talk and talk.
Hoping it’s not apparent,
but I can hear them
whisper amongst themselves.
No control.
Fighting for sight,
Stumbling to the door.
Spouting incoherent excuses.
I use my hands to pry them apart.

My relief in their opening is short lived
as I stare directly into the sun
and am blinded.


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