Snow, Spirit and Self Control

My Sabonim shared a story this week.

Like many of us, he spent the greater part of Wednesday morning shoveling. (And I can personally attest, it was wet, heavy snow.) Finishing, he felt that euphoric glow of a job well done. But as he turned to put the shovel away, a snow plow went by depositing over a foot of ice, snow and slush at the end of the driveway.

Many of us would be tempted to be angry with the driver, hurl curses at clouds, or rant at whatever caprices of fate has us living in the Midwest snow belt.

He, however, took it in stride.  No curses, no ranting, no woe is me. He recognized it as a challenge and met it as a martial artist should: with self control and indomitable spirit.  He told us this story, not to pat himself on the back, but as a reminder.  Life happens.  Storms will disrupt our days.  Obstructions will hinder momentum.

But it is up to us to plow through.


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