Everyday Epic (A Few Days Off)

Everyday Epic
Shake off the covers.
Eyes open, feet to the floor.
A morning’s triumph.

Whenever I find myself low, it is usually attributable to something I’m not doing.  I’ve been practicing but not training. Giving into boredom and frustration. I didn’t think it would matter so much, if I skipped a meditation or wrote later in the day. I’ve been so tired. But sometimes you skip once and all of sudden, you’ve missed a week, and then two.  Writing later turns into writing never.  And at the end of the day, you are more tired, not less.

So for spring break, I’ve regrouped.  And surprise, I’m already feeling better.

And making it a point to write daily. (These are in no particular order.)

A Difficult Exorcism
I thought it was
an evil spirit
that I was’t good enough,
an unholy phantom
me to quit, and
the devil himself
exploiting my limits,
but when I listened closer
realized it was only me.

A Train of Thought
the more traveled
a series of roads
the easier the path
even if it is in
the wrong direction

Winter lingering
Joyful anticipation
The advent of spring

Do Over
Conversations caught
Recorded, rewound
Spliced, set
Together ’til the
Message matches my meaning.

advanced math
light streams
through quiet recesses
of thought
creating equations to
find the balance
between positives and negatives
integers and variables align
exploring value while
illuminating infinite possibilities

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One thought on “Everyday Epic (A Few Days Off)

  1. As a lifelong non-morning person, I can relate to Everyday Epic. Once I’ve managed to leave the comfort of my bed, everything else is gravy. Nicely done.

    You’re right, too, about feeling low being attributable to something left undone.

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