Never Too Late

Optional (or April Fool’s)
Watch from the window
Cars failing to slow
Making their own rules
Red meaning go.
from 4/1/13

I hear at our academy, so many individuals lament not beginning their training sooner. We feel so much better, when we exercise, practice and on occasion hit things.

In a roundabout way, I discovered the reluctant poet in myself, through martial arts.  I’ve always loved to read poetry but it seemed too impractical, too emotional, and far too revealing to write.  I made it part of my Ei Dan Bo test (probationary second degree) to write every day. Surprise! What came out were poems.  Now I kick myself for not discovering earlier how much better I feel when I use words to exercise, practice, vent, explore and learn.

April is National Poetry Writing Month and although a little behind in my posts, I remind myself that it is never too late to start.  Joining the wonderful writers at for their 30 poems in 30 days challenge.


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