Over My Shoulder

Part of our journey as martial artists is learning how to be more present, more aware of the here and now.  Take stock of your stances.  Understand the why’s of your movements.  Look where you are going before the turn.  Be watchful for messengers.  Student’s questions often remind me how much I am still learning.

Over My Shoulder
In my experience
angels don’t visit
unless they want something.
So when Gabriel came to say
“Good Morning.”
I told him to
“Fly off.”
It was barely five
and I hadn’t had any coffee.
He looked wounded,
holding up his hands in that
‘come in peace’ gesture.
“I only thought to sit with you
while you write.”
I rolled my eyes but relented,
figuring the fastest way
to have him leave.
He sat quietly, not interrupting,
but I could feel him,
so I excised the profanity
and added a tint of hope
only realizing later
that was precisely why
he hovered ’round.

(Poem #4 for the NaPoWriMo challenge)


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