Reminding myself today how important attitude is everywhere – when we teach, as we train, when we practice, and as we interact with others.  A little happiness goes a long way, even if things don’t go precisely as we want or plan.  (Poem #6 for NaPoWriMo Challenge)

The cheerful chipmunk gaily chirped
delighted at my open door.
“Still cold and wet, I see.” I said,
contrary to my core.

Never one to be cast down
she merrily replied,
happily forecasting spring,
ecstatic even as she sighed.

When from above the red tail swooped
and snatched her in mid song.
I appreciate life’s circle,
but it strongly struck me wrong.

“How could you?” I shouted up at him.
“You really are the worst!
She was always sweet and bubbly.”

“Yes.  They make the best desserts.”


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