Angst and Attitude

One of our goals as martial arts instructors is to help our students work through the bad days. Attitude is everything!  Fake it ‘til you make it. It works surprisingly well. Exercise assists too!   And we accomplish so much more when not wallowing.
Still a few poems behind.  This will be #10 for the NaPoWriMo challenge.  The daily poetry prompt (again – a few days ago) was to “get it off your chest” and share something you wouldn’t normally say.


 My soul a vacuum, my heart a black hole,
 There’s a multitude of thoughts I don’t share.
 Wasted days of wanting, collect their toll,
 Tragic and unattractive is despair.
 Worn down, fed up, entirely alone,
 Push open the door, you’ll find me bleeding,
 Medusa’s mirror turning me to stone,
 Rage and self loathing consume my being.
 Yet a small smile from you stays the knife,
 Encouraging words so gently spoken,
 Burrowing through a barrier of strife,
 Patiently working to mend what’s broken.
     If I still prayed, my plea to God would be
     To know myself, the good you see in me.

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