Halfway Mark

I had a deja vu moment in class the other day.  We had circled and were going around, taking turns, calling out exercises.  I was transported back to my first day – when I could not think of a stretch and waited to be prompted. I’m happy my mind takes me back to those awkward first times – reminding that it will get better, I can do it and that I should keep going.

Poem #15 for the NaPoWriMo challenge! (30 poems in 30 days!)

Risk Assessments
the wind pushes my door
obstructing the exit,
it whips through my clothes,
as though I were naked,
and forces me back
stopping my forward progress

once safe inside
I can hear it laughing,
issuing its challenge
through the cracks in the glass

Come on! Come out!
I dare you!


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