Behind in the Count (And Poems 17, 18, 19)

I woke with a chill and sore throat. Lunches, sit ups, stretches, three  ibuprofen and a half pot of coffee later, I thought I might live through the morning.  Sometimes you push through.

I had an energetic group of twenty three 4 to 9 yr.old’s at the school I was visiting this afternoon. It was a challenge to keep their attention.  Even more so when one of the youngsters had a potty accident.  We took two giant steps forward and continued with class.  Sometimes you have to persevere.

At the end of session, as the children were going off with their parents, one of the boys commented (almost to the room as a whole), “This is the greatest class!” Sometimes you find the sweet spot and knock it right out of the park.

Still playing poem catch up and then to top it off missed yesterday.

Behind in the count
Wasted moments wondering
Timing’s everything

Malodorous pill
A vile tasting tincture
The better it works

#19 Sunday Spirits
God was resting on Sunday
so Satan stopped over
with some sugar and spirits
“It’s too early for me
to be imbibing.”
“Nonsense, mimosas were invented
for breakfast”
His ratio of champagne to orange juice
was way out of whack.
He held it out to me, tempting,
“It’ll make your whole day better”
I smiled and took a small sip.
“Yes, maybe,
but what about tomorrow?”


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