A Strong Finish

So between work and illness, I haven’t been posting.  But I have been doing my best to scribble down some lines whenever possible.  Only two days left in the 30 poems in 30 days challenge. Below are poems 22 – 27. Still might make the finish!

Bits and pieces
of words and phrases
scattered throughout
random notebooks
hurriedly transcribed
on any scrap of paper
crossing over margins

Shiver, sniffle, cough
Aches interfere and distract
Water, rest, repeat

#24  Defective
The new coffee maker
Sputters loudly,
Drips slowly,
Leaks slightly,
That’s what I get for buying clearance

#25 A Family Party
The wolves, wizards and giants
met in the park
on the first real day of spring
for this one day
enmity was ignored
no taunts, no chasing
no winners or losers
simply a good time
had by all

#26 Downer
I was on my front porch
finally feeling some spring
when the sad squirrel
sat and surveyed my lawn
He always moved slowly and
with no hint of a bounce so
I called out to him,
“Isn’t it wonderful? To be warm?”
He pondered his answer as usual
and replied with a sigh,
“50’s aren’t warm and
the little birds say
it’s going to snow next week.”

#27  Taking Out the Trash
I walked along the dark path
carefully carrying the overflowing bag,
when Possum jumped out
from between the cans.
I froze, startled,
unsure of my retreat.
He glared at me
with those piercing black dots
(his expression rarely varies)
and asked
in a curious cultured accent
punctuated with spitting hisses
his tone both accusatory and sorrowful
“Why must you always malign me?”
Petrified, I was unable to respond
and didn’t know anyway what to say,
but was spared the attempt
by the neighbors dog
coming outside for relief.
Possum moved on
but not without
glancing back a few times
to regard me
still standing frozen.


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