Please RSVP

Working on a good size party.  170 guests.  Sit down dinner.  Name cards. Place settings.  Programs.

They were given two months time to reply, prior to last weeks food ordering deadline.  But still today -two days before the event- I’m getting additions.

Not sure if it’s a cultural thing, laziness or rudeness but I’m afraid I’m going to have to turn people away at the door.  And what do you say?  Sorry, no food for you.  You didn’t send us your response card.  Starting a separate list in my head of individuals I can ask to give up their dinner.  Bringing myself a peanut butter sandwich.

Trying to breathe.

Competition and Community

Competed at the Hamnadang National Tournament last weekend.

Convinced to take part for practice and experience.  And that was all good.

But even more, I was looking for that sense of belonging.  Being a part of something large and exciting and dramatic. It was a fleeting feeling but good while it lasted.