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TKD Tenet inspired! Also published on my poetry blog!


Breaking Through the Low, Middle and High

For every tournament since earning my high red belt, I’ve worked on the same breaking combination; the vertically stacked low, middle,and high back swing kick. I always miss one. It’s never the same one, but there’s always one.

Breaking is a fun part of the Tae Kwon Do show, but it’s also more – it’s about getting through to that next level and pushing yourself past what you’ve done before. And typically at tournament, with the low, middle, high kick, the metaphor smacks me strongly in the heel of my right foot, leaving both a physical and emotional bruise.

The Low: What are all those things that bring us down? Telling us we’re too old or not strong enough. And why is it so much easier to believe the negative over the positive?
The Middle: What keeps us stuck in our status-quo? The familiar is easy and routines comfortable. But have we become lazy or are we honestly doing our best?
The High:  Look ahead! What’s your next goal? We are always moving forward, as my Sabonim reminds with “constant and never ending improvement.”

It wasn’t by far the flashiest of breaks at the competition. But it reminded me that with perseverance, practice and faith in yourself all things are possible.

Now I need to find some new kicks.


The best part of tomorrow



The Silent Storm

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It’s beautiful this winter, but also isolating. Sometimes our silence is the same. Be sure to find your Poetry or Martial Art (your outlet). Written in response to the DP Challenge.    

The Silent Storm
A season’s shunning
Colder than I’ve ever been
Bereft of presence

Breathing Out

“Too late now.” I told myself. “Way to start off the challenge – no post.” But I found I couldn’t sleep. “What difference does it make – tonight or tomorrow? You’re tired, get some rest, get up early.” But that’s precisely why I’m taking part in the Word Press Zero to Hero challenge – too much putting off til tomorrow… 

My Sabonim often begins and ends class with a similar mantra: Breathe in the positive. Breathe out the negative.

Don’t get in your own way.

An un-shoveled walk
A pilgrimage through training
Poetry surrounds

Haiku Me

One of our tenets at the academy is perseverance.  If your board doesn’t break the first time, keep trying!

Finishing the NaPoWriMo Poetry challenge!  30 poems in 30 days.  #28 and #29

Wrong Way
I fell asleep at the wheel
ran a stop sign
almost hitting a car
the guy beeped in annoyance
well after the fact
as it was my fault
but still, I thought
the horn was pointless now
I was already awake.

Rotate and revolve
imperceptible movement
no start or finish

A Strong Finish

So between work and illness, I haven’t been posting.  But I have been doing my best to scribble down some lines whenever possible.  Only two days left in the 30 poems in 30 days challenge. Below are poems 22 – 27. Still might make the finish!

Bits and pieces
of words and phrases
scattered throughout
random notebooks
hurriedly transcribed
on any scrap of paper
crossing over margins

Shiver, sniffle, cough
Aches interfere and distract
Water, rest, repeat

#24  Defective
The new coffee maker
Sputters loudly,
Drips slowly,
Leaks slightly,
That’s what I get for buying clearance

#25 A Family Party
The wolves, wizards and giants
met in the park
on the first real day of spring
for this one day
enmity was ignored
no taunts, no chasing
no winners or losers
simply a good time
had by all

#26 Downer
I was on my front porch
finally feeling some spring
when the sad squirrel
sat and surveyed my lawn
He always moved slowly and
with no hint of a bounce so
I called out to him,
“Isn’t it wonderful? To be warm?”
He pondered his answer as usual
and replied with a sigh,
“50’s aren’t warm and
the little birds say
it’s going to snow next week.”

#27  Taking Out the Trash
I walked along the dark path
carefully carrying the overflowing bag,
when Possum jumped out
from between the cans.
I froze, startled,
unsure of my retreat.
He glared at me
with those piercing black dots
(his expression rarely varies)
and asked
in a curious cultured accent
punctuated with spitting hisses
his tone both accusatory and sorrowful
“Why must you always malign me?”
Petrified, I was unable to respond
and didn’t know anyway what to say,
but was spared the attempt
by the neighbors dog
coming outside for relief.
Possum moved on
but not without
glancing back a few times
to regard me
still standing frozen.

Behind in the Count (And Poems 17, 18, 19)

I woke with a chill and sore throat. Lunches, sit ups, stretches, three  ibuprofen and a half pot of coffee later, I thought I might live through the morning.  Sometimes you push through.

I had an energetic group of twenty three 4 to 9 yr.old’s at the school I was visiting this afternoon. It was a challenge to keep their attention.  Even more so when one of the youngsters had a potty accident.  We took two giant steps forward and continued with class.  Sometimes you have to persevere.

At the end of session, as the children were going off with their parents, one of the boys commented (almost to the room as a whole), “This is the greatest class!” Sometimes you find the sweet spot and knock it right out of the park.

Still playing poem catch up and then to top it off missed yesterday.

Behind in the count
Wasted moments wondering
Timing’s everything

Malodorous pill
A vile tasting tincture
The better it works

#19 Sunday Spirits
God was resting on Sunday
so Satan stopped over
with some sugar and spirits
“It’s too early for me
to be imbibing.”
“Nonsense, mimosas were invented
for breakfast”
His ratio of champagne to orange juice
was way out of whack.
He held it out to me, tempting,
“It’ll make your whole day better”
I smiled and took a small sip.
“Yes, maybe,
but what about tomorrow?”